‘Pedrito’ FC Barcelona Supporters’ Club

Official Supporters Club No. 2047

The idea of creating a supporters’ club came about in 2010 within a small family group that for many years had been passionately following the events and achievements of the best football club in the world: Fútbol Club Barcelona. The idea gradually took hold and began to grow; numerous fans from all over Tenerife joined our ranks, encouraging us to get the project off the ground.

When deciding what to call our supporters’ club, ‘Pedrito’ was the name that immediately came to mind. The reason is obvious: it is our own personal recognition and tribute to first team player Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma, born and bred on our island and who has played a major part in the recent history of our club. For us, he represents all the values that we believe form the essence of Fútbol Club Barcelona: respect, modesty, hard work, commitment, enthusiasm, determination and excellent football, all of which fit in with the workings of the club’s finely-tuned operations.

So, after getting in touch with the Club, the player’s family and Pedro himself, we obtained the necessary authorisations and set up a new Barcelona supporters’ club based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: the Peña Barcelonista Pedrito (the Pedrito FC Barcelona Supporters’ Club).

Miembros de la primera Peña Barcelonista Pedrito (Tenerife)

Just like any other supporters’ club, we are a group of people that share a common interest, which is none other than a passion for our team, our colours and naturally our player, to whom we send all the affection and encouragement of his numerous fans on Tenerife.

Our objectives include the following: to organise meetings that establish links of fellowship and friendship with other supporters’ clubs; to travel to Barcelona; to encourage young people to get involved in sports by organising football tournaments; and most importantly of all, to work with NGO’s and associations to carry out charity work. Indeed, a percentage of our annual budget will go towards achieving this goal.

Miembros de la Peña Barcelonista Pedrito, en la final de WembleyNow you know a little more about us we would like to invite you to join us. And last but not least, we would like to thank Pedro, his family and agents for the help and encouragement they have consistently shown us. We would also like to thank Mr Yamal, the Supporters’ Clubs Representative for the Canary Islands, and of course, Fútbol Club Barcelona, and everyone who has helped us to make this project possible.

- Management Comittee.

Chairman: Pascual González Expósito. Vice-Chairman: Francisca González Expósito. Secretary: Yaiza Marrero Torralva. Treasurer: Pilar Torralva Urenda. Members: María Remedios González Rodríguez, Nicolás Elórtegui Escartín, Cristina Correa Ledesma, Pilar Muñoz-Reja González.

Pedro inaugura la nueva sede de la Peña en Santa Cruz

- Pedrito FC Barcelona Supporters’ Club activities

- Attendance at the match between FC Barcelona - Real Madrid (November 2010).

- Meeting with Pedro at the Charity Match played at the Tíncer Stadium in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (December 2010).

- Donation to the ‘CHAIXARI’ Project run by Diocese branch of Caritas (February 2011).

- Meeting with Joan Rovira i Andreu, Secretary of the Barça Veterans Association (March 2011).

- Trip to watch the King’s Cup final (April 2011).

- Lunch with members and collaborators (May 2011).

- Trip to watch the final at Wembley (May 2011).

- Afternoon party to celebrate the season’s titles (June 2011).

- Visit by Pedro to the Supporters’ Club headquarters and meeting with members (June 2011).

- Food drive for a charity lunch club in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2011).

- Project to organise the first Three-Way Eight-a-Side football tournament (2011).

- In March we hosted the 11th Edition of the Canary Islands FC Barcelona Supporters’ Club meeting, attended by more than 300 people. A series of events were organised over the weekend of 8th to 10th March, including children’s games, exhibitions, petanque matches and a gala dinner-dance attended by Ms Griselda Soteras, a member of the FC Barcelona Board of Directors (2013).

- We attended the basketball match between the Canarias and FC Barcelona teams (2013).

- In May we organised a food drive to provide young schoolchildren with breakfast each day. The food collected was handed over to La Milagrosa Charity Lunch Club which is responsible for providing these breakfasts and distributing them to schools in the municipality (2013).

- In June we attended the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Culegas de Garachico FC Barcelona Supporters’ Club (2013).

- In July we celebrated the Club’s third anniversary (2013).

- That same month we also accompanied Pedro during the football camp he organised in Arico and we donated food to a good cause. Some ten children from the Supporters’ Club took part in the first edition of this camp (2013).

In September, and coinciding with the Visit of the Barça B football team, we attended the anniversary celebrations of the Taoro del Valle FC Barcelona Supporters’ Club and played host to senior Barça B managers (2013).

- In October we attended the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid (2013).

In November, a group of our members joined the trip organised by the Canary Islands Federation of FC Barcelona Supporters’ Clubs to watch the match between FC Barcelona and Granada and visited Barcelona’s Sports Complex.

At Christmas we organised a food drive for children and the needy. The donations (498 kg) were handed over to the Food Bank. – We also collected toys that were handed over to two NGOs: the Salvation Army and Aldeas Infantiles (2013).

- Headquarters and contact details:

Calle Princesa Guajara nº 15 bajo derecha. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Tel: + 34 691 832 033 email: pedritoblaugranatf@gmail.com



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