11th of June 2016

“The group vibe is similar to that of 2012”

Pedro was one of the players selected to attend the media in Saint Martin de Re 48 hours before the first game for Spaniards against Czech Republic.

Hunger: “We are focussed, looking to start. Yesterday we watched the match and people are focused and looking to do things well.”

Vibe: ”There’s a great vibe, practice yesterday went really well and we want to start with a win because that brings about confidence and allows the team to grow.”

France’s debut: “It is a favorite but it was a tough game. Payet played a great game but it is not surprising because in the Premier has done a good year.”

Tactic: ”They just played folded back, I do not know if I will play, that will be decided by the coach, but I clearly will not be easy, here we will not find any easy opponents”.

Sensations: “This reminds me 4 years ago. There was a great vibe with the win. Romania was tough yesterday and all the rivals will be complicated.”

Fixture: ”Playing at 3pm is good, we will not have problems and it will be a good show because all the family can enjoy it.”


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