15th of April 2010

The press surrenders to Pedro’s magic after his goal against Deportivo

After scoring a goal at the Bernabéu to lock up the classic, Pedro made his splendid performance even better and continues amazing and winning over everyone. He warned us when he hit the post against Deportivo, but only a few people at the Camp Nou could imagine they would see a goal denied even to Pelé. A quick counter attack ended with a curler from almost the centre of the field which slipped into the goal very close to the left post. There is where Pedro wanted to put it. There is where he put it. After the memorable goal, the Press surrenders one more time to a player who, with humility and hard work, shines with his own light within the ‘culé’ team of the stars.

Sport dedicates its front page to Pedro under a revealing “God Bless Saint Pedro”. Josep María Casanovas stated in his column that this goal was “as worthy as the one at the Bernabéu. The player from the Canary Islands is bursting; he fights a lot, runs the five thousand in each match and has a great sense for the goal. He is the discovery of the year, the confirmation of a great team player. Another one of Guardiola’s winning bets”.

Mundo Deportivo also dedicates its front page to Pedro, celebrating the goal. “Divine!”, sais the front page headline to summarize “a fantasy goal from 50 meters far that decided the match”. The player also stars in the headline of the sports page “Pedro dressed as Pelé”. There is also a page dedicated to Pedro’s goal, where Sergi Solé says “there’s no other player nowadays who thinks he’s more able to do almost everything he wants with the ball. Another newbie in a classic against Real Madrid would have been afraid to be alone against Casillas. Behold, as it came to happen, after controlling like a cracking player, he defined as a top class player with the interior of the left foot”.

The daily newspaper ‘El Mundo’ dedicates an exclusive article to Pedro, headlined with Guardiola’s words: “There wouldn’t be enough Money to sign up with him”. David Carballo highlighted that Pedro “proved again that his spectacular season is not short-lived. After graduating at the Bernabéu with the 0-2 which left Madrid fatally wounded, yesterday he was in charge to knock down a candid Deportivo with a goal that could have been signed by Leo Messi”. It was also highlighted that he has a privileged position in this historic Barça: “Pedro has become a vital player in Guardiola’s schemes because of his mobility, his hard work and his skill to watch the goal. But he has not only won the confidence of the coach, but also the confidence of his team mates [...] With strikes like yesterday’s, his worth in the market is in the path to be incalculable”.

The daily newspaper ‘El Pais’ captures the compliments Pedro’s work of art received. “Pedro has an unlimitated repertory because he has scored all kind of goals: headers, on the rebound, at the first touch, with a turn and a straight shot... “Ball he touches, ball he shoots”, said Guardiola; “but he also have a bunch of assists”. Piqué didn’t get tired of repeating it: “I’m very glad for him because he’s on a great season”. Valdés added “He’s not decreased his level in all the season”. Guardiola finished off: “I don’t know if we could buy a player with his skills in the market”.

With big letters, the sports newspaper MARCA headlines “Pedro got handkerchiefs at the Camp Nou”, giving the player a very important paper in the path to the League title: “A great goal with the left foot from 40 meters far brings the League title closer to Barcelona”. In the article, they highlight the quality of the goal as “a sublime shot to end a counter attack started by Valdés with a long goal kick”.

AS diary places Pedro at the same place as the great Pelé, who tried a similar strike with the ‘Canarinha’ without success: “Pedro scored Pelé’s goal”, headlines the Grupo Prisa’s sports diary before saying that “he scored from the center of the field with a 50 meters long shot”. When narrating the move, Moisés Llorens took pleasure in talking about the handkerchiefs the Camp Nou celebrated Pedro’s “great goal” with. “The Camp Nou was full of handkerchiefs showing its admiration to the player from the Canary Islands, who turns in gold everything he touches”.

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