8th of July 2010

Pedro was the surprise and answered with a great match

Nobody gave a thing for Pedro Rodríguez at the starting eleven and Del Bosque was right again. The player from the Canary Island made a superb match, always facing the German defenders and also had the opportunity to add a goal for the history.

When Germany was focused in getting the tie goal, the Barça player ran towards Neuer’s goal, he had the opportunity to give the ball to Torres, but decided to go alone. He faced the German defender but he couldn’t end his move with a goal. He search and apologized to his mate, that gesture does him credit.

“I’m very happy with how the things are going. These matches are a bit impressive, but I’ve had a lot of help from everyone. We’ve had several opportunities to score one more goal against a big rival”.

Pedro is the only player of the history who has scored in all the official competitions he has played. He has done it in the League, Cup, Champions, Spanish Super Cup, Europe’s Super Cup and Clubs World Cup.

Only two years ago the winger was playing in the third Spanish division and now he sees himself playing a World Cup’s final. His bursting in, thanks to the bet of Guardiola, has been spectacular and has become, by his own merits, one of the reference players of the Spanish football.

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