16th of April 2010

Pedro knocks on ‘La Roja’s’ door

Pedro is carrying out a brilliant professional career. He has evolved from playing in Tercera División (lower categories) two seasons ago to be in Vicente del Bosque’s list to go to South Africa to play the World Cup defending the colours of the National Team.

The Player has hard-earned it. Is the only player of the history who has scored in six European different competitions within the same season, scoring goals which worth titles (Europe’s Super Cup or Club’s World Cup), scoring also at the Bernabéu against Real Madrid or achieving video library goals as the one scored against Depor last Wednesday from almost the centre of the field.

“It was a very beautiful goal and very difficult to score, I’m very happy, it was a very hard move and I got a good shot. I shot the ball as it arrived to me and the goalkeeper was advanced and I did it well, I feel confident”, he said yesterday.

His performances, his work and his profitability send him directly to ‘La Roja’. Pedro and Valdés could be the novelties in del Bosque’s list, who has stated that he could include them for the next World Cup call.

In the meanwhile, he’s cautious: “I didn’t expect this year was going to be so good and that I was going to score so many goals. I’ve gone through a lot of things and very quickly. It was something difficult to imagine but I’m very happy”.

Last Saturday the fans echoed his name. The goal at the Bernabéu has leaded him to the stars. Altogether there are 19 goals, one less than Ibrahimovic, but the coup de grace against Real Madrid was definitive for the Barça supporters: “Since Saturday when I played against Real Madrid I’ve received more messages than ever, from friends, family and today I’ve received some too”, he said.

His numbers don’t lie and neither does his skill to shot at the goal. He has scored nine goals in League, three at the Cup, three in Champions, two at the Club’s World Cup and one at the Spanish Super Cup and another one at the Europe’s Super Cup. His numbers are great: three assists, 41 times fouled, 31 shots (18 straight into the goal) and five yellow cards caused.

Now the next challenge is Español, “it will be a very hard match and they are going to put it very difficult. These are very challenging matches, but I’ve played against them many times when I was at the youth categories and I think we won the League in their field”, he stated.


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