16th of May 2010

Pedro, decisive at Barcelona’s historic 99 points league victory

Barça has beaten Valladolid 4-0 and has won the Spanish League with all honours. Luis Prieto –own goal-, Pedro and Messi’s (2) goals have leaded Barça to get the championship at Camp Nou, twelve years later.

Barça depended on itself to conquer the most hard-fought league of the history in the last match, and it hasn’t failed. The team won Valladolid with a show of strength to be proclaimed champion brilliantly. As it was predicted, it was not easy to get the fourth title of the current season. Clemente’s team, very needy, had an early opportunity which forced Puyol to take part to maintain the calm. The boost of the fans was decisive for the team to comfort and to score two strikes before the half time by means of Pedro.

The resistance of Valladolid gave the almost perfect performance of the Catalonian team. Barça, serious and calm, prevented any kind of surprise with two more goals of a record Messi. Six Cup’s Barça doesn’t have brake. The 20th league title is also theirs.

- Legendary Puyol

Anxiety and nerves took its toll at the beginning. Valladolid took advantage of it. The visiting team (with five defenders) gave Barça a fright at the minute 4, after a mistake of Valdés who left Manucho with all the advantage. Puyol improved his legend saving an obvious goal. Definitely, the best new at the beginning came from Málaga, which scored early. Camp Nou’s enthusiasm gave wings to the players. From that moment, guided by the second line set by Keita and Touré in the absence of Xavi, they threw themselves at the rival’s goal. Trying it from a distance at the beginning and approaching more and more to Jacobo.

- Two goals of a Champion

At the minute 18, Messi had one of the opportunities he doesn’t forgive, but his shot from the centre went directly to the goalpost. The scoreboard was quiet, although the sensations were changing. Barça was defending and attacking with conviction. They were looking for the goal insistently and they got it unexpectedly: a harmless pass to the centre from Pedro was turned into an own goal scored by Luis Prieto (min. 26). The Stadium bellowed.

The best team of the world started doing their usual tricks after that. A great move by Messi and Touré, started at Barça’s field, was closed by Pedro with a shot which slipped in between Jacobo’s legs. This drove the fans to a euphoric state. At the field the team kept the concentration and intensity. Guardiola found the way placing Pedro as a fake centre forward.

- Great Messi

Javier Clemente opened the lines at the beginning of the second half. But anyway, neither his team nor Barça seemed to be willing to risk anything. A great move of Touré was enough for the local team to set the match and, consequently, the championship. The giant from Ivory Coast escaped from everyone to give the 3-0 to the top scorer, Messi. The spectacle at the field went hand to hand with the party at the stands. Barça wanted more. Over all Messi, the Argentinean equalized the 34 goals of another alien, Ronaldo (1996/97). He made it with a spectacular slalom (min. 76).

"We are the Champions! We are the Champions!” Now the Camp Nou was feeling as a “champion”. There was some time for tributes, with ovations to Henry and to the reappeared Iniesta. Barcelona was celebrating a league title at home twelve years later. The uncertainty was over. With 99 points, the League goes to the best team. Barça!

- Goals

1-0 Luis Prieto (min 26)
2-0 Pedro (min 28)
3-0 Messi (min 62)
4-0 Messi (min 76)


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