16th of April 2010

Pedro: "Mourinho is the coach who can get Barça into trouble”

Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma, better known within the football world as “Pedrito” or “Pedro”, told us that the portuguese Jose Mourinho is “the coach who can get Barcelona into trouble”.

So has said the Barcelona winger in an interview with the Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, published today, in which he also has told us that to play against Inter de Milán at the Champions League quarterfinals it’s going to be “very hard”.

“Because of reasons of motivation and concentration, they will be very different matches than those we played last autumn”, said the player talking about the match between both teams at the groups phase of the greatest European Clubs competition.

On the other side, the player from the Canary Islands admits that Barça coach Pep Guardiola “has changed” his life, giving him an opportunity when he was playing at Barça B.

“In 2007 with Barça B we were relegated from ‘Tercera’ to ‘Cuarta División’ and I was between all the players who had to go”, remembers Pedro, who adds: “Then it came Guardiola. He wanted to play with two open wingers, he had heard about me so he asked to give me an opportunity”.

When asked about what he has learned at Barça academy, Pedro answers: “Apart from playing football, you learn humility, hard work, confidence in yourself, willing, hope and solidarity”.

About the popularity he’s having now, Pedro tells us that it has not changed his life too much, the only thing is that people recognize him at the street, but his values continue being “hard work, humility and to have my feet of the ground”. Values that he also shares with his mate Leo Messi, who Pedro thinks is “unique in the world”.


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