1st of July 2010

Pedro: “Any team at quarter finals is a tough rival”

The Barça striker, Pedro, attended the media at this morning’s press conference in Potchefstroom and talked about the good moment the Spanish National Team is going through in the World Cup and about the strong points of our next rival, Paraguay.

- Do you still hope to score a goal in the last competition you have left?

Yes, we must be calm and the most important thing is the team’s victory and if I can get the goal, it would be great.

- Do you have the risk of being too relaxed for a definitive match?

Any team which has arrived to quarter finals is hard. It’s a team which works a lot in its defensive lines. We must be very concentrated.

- Is Paraguay easier than other national teams?

It’s a team that has arrived there by its own merits, in South America has done a good season and they know what they are doing in every match, with very professional players. It’s a team to take into account. We must not look down on any rival.

- Are you surprised of Villa’s goal scoring skill?

No, he proves it every year; he’s on top form and is a pleasure to have him within the team. We are very happy of his performance.

- How do you see the team physically?

At the trainings the coach and the technical staff are dosing very well the players and I think we will arrive with our best conditions and on top form to the final, if that’s the case.


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