12th of April 2010

Pedro, Pep’s other big guy

In that goal, that beautiful goal that silenced the Bernabéu, everybody could see who’s Pedro. He, who was called Pedrito before, is now, since yesterday, as Guardiola said “one of the big guys of this team”. Pedro received a delicate and precise pass from Xavi, but he made it even better. He controlled the ball with the right foot being able to surpass Arbeloa. Not only tactically but also in speed. And when he faced Casillas, the Bernabeu’s goal was not small for him, but all the contrary.

Used to find holes everywhere, from Mónaco, in the final of the Europe Super Cup, to Abu Dhabi, with a excellent header, Pedro knew how to find the goal of the Bernabéu. With a extraordinary goal because of the control with the right leg and the shoot with the left. That’s Pedro. A control with the right leg, another rap with the right and that silk left to anulate Casillas. “I didn’t know how to celebrate that goal, the truth is that I felt very excited, full of joy” said Pedro.

- Dedicated to the family

That’s Pedro. He plays with both legs. In all the Stadiums worldwide, not easily impressed by anyone. It was not enough for him with scoring in all the competitions, in the six titles achieved by the team of Guardiola in 2009, but he needed to complete it with a great match in a legandary scenery. Last night, at the Bernabeu, Pedro was crowned. It was not really necessary. Someone who has scored 18 goals this season has the credit some people has denied him. “I want to dedicate this goal to my family, who couldn’t come, to my friends, to all the people who has been always with me. And to the mister, of course. I appreciate a lot his compliments”, said the young player.

The polivalence of Pedro, he started as a left winger in the first half and ended as right winger in the second, is priceless. How much would cost one Pedro? It was less than two years ago that he was in the Spanish Tercera División (lower categories). As Sergio Busquets. As Guardiola. This players are priceless, and also the coach. Yesterday Barça played without two world famous strikers: the Swedish Ibrahimovic stayed injured at home and Henry, one of the heroes of the 2-6 of May 2009, was in the bench looking stunned the things Pedro was doing. Pedro, the big guy.

“I don’t know how to define how I’m feeling”, said Pedro, unable to find the words to this great and quick trip from Tercera División to be a star within the best Barça of all its history.



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